Monday, August 03, 2009

Square one

This is the caretaker's cottage, where I will live and work (studio is upstairs, everything else is on the 1st floor) for the next four weeks. It's very sweet and has a million little windows that are all hard to open. This is the southern exposure.

We drove past it on the way in and got three sets of directions from two different people but eventually made it in the morning when it was still cool-ish.

THIS is the reason that this residency told me two years ago that I couldn't come right away: the new studio. But it's not even done!! AGH. It's just steps away from where I'm staying and it's such a tease. The worst part is the lack of privacy: construction workers all day + cottage on the road = no working naked!! Sigh.

There's always something when you go to new places, and this time it was toothpaste! I realized after my noon nap and eventually got the nerve up to walk to the market.

What seemed totally doable from the map online, just a mile and a half, was not so fun b/c it was nearly uphill the whole walk back.

Pretty much this place is exactly what I expected: a tiny patch of national park land in the midst of fancy rich Connecticut. The mansions out here are ridiculous. As are the complete lack of sidewalks. And I thought upstate NY was bad! But across the street from the art supply store (run by Paul, who was totally nice and helpful) is the Branchville station for Metro North, meaning that I am accessible (if walking uphill for a mile+ is cool) by train! If I didn't already live so close to NYC, I'd totally make trips into town.

I did a very cursory initial studio setup but have not really done anything yet b/c I'm scared about the evening: I am fearing a mosquito attack. But at least all my hanji is laid out finally for once so I can see what I have and not have to maneuver around the tiniest floor space in a tiny room on a huge highway.

And I think my hanji screen is finally done! My teacher's younger brother was just in a small car accident, so he hasn't had time to get it ready to ship to me, but it's at least in his hands, one step closer to me.

Let the games begin!


  1. Have a good one - no other residents?

  2. no one else: my first solo res! let's see how long it takes for me to lose my marbles.

  3. Well, you have all the hardhat men and the drive-by painters for company...


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