Friday, August 21, 2009

One more day

I hear that we'll get rain today, and that it will last for days, and then the heat will go away. Of course, that means then I'll get cranky about all the rain. But hopefully I will at least be able to work, instead of giving all my good hours to blogging or making brownies. Today's morning walk was going to the store and hiking back while having two tofutti cuties for breakfast and then doing a big batch of brownies to bring over to the park service staff. I've been here for almost three weeks and haven't introduced myself, out of a mix of being antisocial / shy / busy. Also, I tend to prefer not knowing the people who have the greatest chance of seeing me naked when I am in here. It turned out that almost no one was at the kitchen for lunch, so I was able to leave the treats and not meet anyone new.

I undid and respun some dyed cords to sew and map out the big book for Miami. I'm still unsure of how the content will live inside of it, but I prepped all the sheets last night in the dark, which was tricky since I was grinding ink and couldn't tell what was black and what was grey. But it was too hot for lights.

This is where most of my sewing things go. It's sandwich tupperware that my mom had given me years ago. Later, she would wonder where it was when wanting to pack sandwiches and was not too pleased that I was not using it for food. It reminds me of how I had my panty book in a show while I was in Korea, and when the show ended, it was mailed home. My dad had put it away and one day my sister came for an overnight visit. She was looking for extra underwear, and my mom was like, oh, Aimee has a ton! and then pulls out the book and proceeds to try and rip the underwear apart. Luckily, my dad caught her before she ruined the French link stitch, saying, "that's ART!!!"

As Ching-In says, I've trained my family well. Quitting a stable career and zeroing out my savings while simultaneously going into debt so that I could commit to being a full-time artist was not a popular decision years back. But now my dad can tell the difference between ART panties and regular panties! My mom will take more work, clearly. But seriously, I've been thinking almost every day since I've arrived here how thankful and lucky I am to have such a supportive family, and solid friends. Otherwise, I'd still be wearing clean clothes that were different every day and constantly redecorating a cubicle while bickering with coworkers about database management.

Time for another brownie.

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