Thursday, August 20, 2009

One big puddle

NO letting up w/this heat and humidity!! I'm doing my best to stay upstairs as long as possible today b/c last night I hardly slept - the mildew or whatever weirdness is downstairs really got to me. But it's basically like staying in a sauna all day. Which means very small movements at all times.

I had a realization that I don't have to cut down and cord all of my colored hanji for my installation. I can slice instead. But I am not even going to touch the stuff until the weather breaks. Sadly, I am running out of food, but it's still too hot for me to even think about walking to get more.

In my attempt to do something w/scraps and sit very still, I made this additional interpretation of one of my knit books. Very pleased.

Last night, I finished my incredibly lopsided bark thread basket. I marvel at how completely unable I am at making anything that is NOT lopsided when I weave. But now I think it would be nice if books had baskets as homes instead of boxes and cases. I mean, not all the time, but sometimes they might like it.

I worked on another big ink piece and touched up another, and made a new one of these (works way better than the very first). So that leaves me at six big pieces, two mediums, and six smaller ones. I am totally stumped as to exactly how I will rig them to hang. But can't think about that until my brain regains its solid state.

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