Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Mildew loves me

Today was trying, distraction-wise. I think they were moving all the wires from the shorter pole (only b/c they sawed off the top of it) to the taller one. Which meant no power for at least 1.5 hours. Which freaked me out about the food in my fridge. Which is why I had to go over and be like, when are you going to be done, and then one of the workers yelled up to the guy up there to say, "the lady wants her power back!" Haha.

The area around my residency is teeming w/men in hard hats. I especially loved the added touch of having a dude on the riding mower doing the lawn. Oh, and some random painter pulled in and got his photo taken w/a painting, in front of the cottage. I assume he was the last artist here or a former artist-in-residence. But I figure best to get all the big interruptions done in one day than every day. I found the mailbox and figured out my address here [735 Nod Hill Road, Wilton, CT 06897] and think I will take a park ranger-led tour tomorrow.

I somehow managed to read Ching-In's book that came out earlier this year today, and I highly recommend it. Highly.

[I put these aside in the morning so I would not be distracted.] I had made a call this morning to a volunteer (since there is no program staff anymore; I assume those cuts were part of the whole getting rid of the artist stipend situation, and I think there have been 3 EDs in the past year) about the dampness in the first floor that makes sleeping no fun, and a board member and park service guy came in the afternoon to install a new a/c unit in the bedroom window. I am skeptical, but grateful for fast attempts at solutions.

I had tiny pockets of really good moments of work, but I kept getting distracted, and not just by external distractions. But I started this new sketchbook, which I made years ago with flax and flax tow paper. I still get all gaga over nice paper. And even though I have SO MUCH paper hanging around in the studio, I still feel like I don't have enough!! This morning, I was trying to prep old pieces for my Sept show and really needed backing paper so I trekked down to the art supply store before it got too buggy and scorching. I made phone calls to old friends on the way there and back, so the 3 miles wasn't too bad.

My brother-in-law's nephew had given me this advent star from Sweden years ago and I never used it b/c I never had a home, but before I left to come here, I grabbed it b/c I felt like it was long overdue. It made me SO happy to open it up and hang it! It's really lovely, and so simple. And, it's covered in fine glitter! How can you not love it? All paper, and you're supposed to tie it around a light bulb, so the light shines thru the star cutouts, but the lightbulbs here are too close to the walls/ceilings to install that way.

The good news is that I cooked a pot of rice (I was getting too low on carbs. No matter what the anti-starch bf says, I need carbs! At least my poor little brain does, for fuel), and that I really like the studio space. If I could get wireless, I'd never leave. Except to go to the bathroom. And eat. And I wish there was plumbing up there for water, but it's a sweet space. I'll try to shoot it later when I don't have sheets drying and it doesn't look so much like a year's worth of hoarding exploded.

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