Friday, August 07, 2009


[The red bldg in back is my cottage. Funny, growing up I always thought cottages had to be soft, like marshmallows or mushrooms, when I read about them. So this doesn't quite feel like a cottage to me. Just a place that is the perfect size for one.] I slept okay last night so I got up and took my walk (new road! Not as pretty as yesterday, but I saw raspberries by the side of the road on the way back. And got a better sense of the wetlands on my side of the street), and then tackled the day after good granola.

I've been having a lot of fun w/my heart series that started out as a joke. This was the first one I did today.

This is the second. Funny, since Ching-In and I just had a long convo about open hearts and where we rate on the spectrum.

The first thing I did after doing some morning writing was finally turn one of those knit pieces into a book! Thanks to Velma for giving me a kind but firm kick in the butt to get going. Of course, I thought I'd get much more than this done today, but things always take longer than I expect. ALWAYS.

I also made a funny book that I want to offer for sale at my first show in Sept, but not for money. I want to sell it for stamps. But I worry that the gallery will be mad at me for doing that. I assume they will just take the percentage by calculating it from the number of stamps. I haven't decided how many yet. It's a "book of stamps" so I wanted to ask for book of stamps in return. But nice ones. Not the bells. I figure it seems cheap, but it requires a trip to the post office or time spent ordering online! So that's someone else's time. Which is money.

I also packed up five sets of mail art that will be for sale (w/a dollar price), so that is finally out of my hair. I sorted some of my hanji and made a "teaching" roll so I have samples of everything I have and now can do whatever I like w/the remainder and don't have to be precious about handling it. Other good news: the wireless is up and running, and I might be getting an air mattress tomorrow! Things are finally getting to a good working state.


  1. the taskmaster (-mistress) says,"atta girl"

  2. Excellent news! Will miss you tomorrow, but work well! (I liked seeing the book).


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