Sunday, August 02, 2009

Endless shoveling

I wish they had let the army base grow from HERE and not have moved it further inland. Or, even better, move the base over a little bit and then leave the waterfront area for civilians to live in.

Today was the day I had dreaded for over a year: I finally went through every scary bin and storage site I had created before I left for Korea and reorganized everything. This included an inordinate amount of time spent w/my slides. Even though things went digital pretty early into my art career, I still have a lot of slides that are now fairly useless. But it was interesting to see the choices I had made over the years of what to photograph and who I hired. I remember dancing around documentation and being terrified of doing things that "real" artists did, but then I did serious trials by fire and came out on the other end with a fantastic photog and a better sense of myself, my work, and how I want to present both.

Needless to say, this means that either 1. I'm writing all my contact info on slides as temporary business cards, 2. making a proposal to convert them all into vending art, or 3. all of you suckers who get mail art from me will get slides for a while. Or I might spare the whole world and just paste them all into my sketchbook. Who knows. All I know is that starting tomorrow, I finally have the space and time to do anything I want!

I'm still not done packing, but am taking a massive amount of supplies and materials, just b/c I can. This is my first residency that is w/in comfortable driving distance, and I can even holler later if I need anything. In fact, I think my sis and her husband will take a weekend trip and we can go exploring - there are good museums nearby and a printmaking center, too.

Once I roll up clothes I'll be about ready - it will be so hot that I'll need very little to wear since I'll work in my underwear and only need to put on clothes for national park land exploration and my presentation at the local library at the end of the month. I've never done hot summer residencies, but the upside is the tiny bit of clothing required. I will miss the coolness of upstate, but that, and serious COLDness, will arrive sooner than I can imagine.

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mjc said...

Don't know how close you'll be to East Haddam, but here it's mugginess more than heat, and some days gills would be useful. Too many people for me to do the underwear thing; I don't want to frighten them (or see my reflection and frighten myself).