Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dirty fingernails

I ground so much ink yesterday that I balked at the thought of doing any more hardcore work with it today. Instead, I washed some clothing since I can't hold out any longer - laundry won't happen until possibly Tuesday. At least it was hot and sunny today so everything dried quickly.

This piece turned out better in the morning than when I left it last night, though I wish I hadn't gotten a hole in it. There are lots of holes in these pieces but there's really no way around it. Paper is only so strong...

I've been doing so much of this studio work that I have neglected my sketchbook work. I still haven't come up with much, though. But look at this amazing pic by Elizabeth! As I was taking my daily morning walk today, I realized that it seems like I am not showing you any scenery. It's not that there isn't any, it's just that I prefer walking in the morning w/o my camera. Plus, it's eerie: these mansions all have basketball hoops, soccer nets, trampolines, tree swings, swing sets, treehouses, hammocks, etc., but NO signs of children. It's still summer, right? Where ARE they?

I cut these down today. Last night, after finally figuring out that I could switch off track lights so I didn't fry to a crisp at night in the studio, I did the first cut down into triangles. This morning, I went out on the porch and did the strips, since it causes so much paper fuzz/dust and I am tired of vacuuming. It took me a whole movie to spin four colors, and there are at least three films worth of spinning left. Maybe tonight's goal will be one more movie's worth...


  1. it can't be hanji, it must be some wonderful food! some confection made of pastel.

  2. I wonder if the kids are still in bed. I take a walk every morning and for the longest time didn't see any children. Then all of a sudden they were eveywhere--going to catch the schoolbus!


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