Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crunchy cravings

I got up early today, with most of the credit going to the construction workers. The morning routine went well, and I made two new pieces. I'm still not convinced by what I'm doing but I'm doing it. I'm finally figuring out how the hanji works and how freaking amazing it is. B/c though I had devoted a year to research on it, I didn't actually have good solid one-on-one time with it (besides the weaving bit. Which is a whole different story). Super tough and strong, great when wet, and better for the wear and handling. Though beautiful as is, too. It's true that once you start using it, you wonder what you've been doing your whole life w/o it.

I've also figured out how to grind ink properly: less water! Today was very satisfying in that regard; I inked up an entire long sheet of hanji and it takes beautifully. I also got an exciting call from home: the hanji screen and frame have arrived!!

I took the long walk downhill to get groceries; I needed to get out and really wanted chips. I like to spend inordinate amounts of time at the supermarket, which somehow acts as a good stress reliever and procrastination technique. The climb uphill didn't kill me (either by the workout or by the cars careening past), and I noted the patches of huge, gorgeous milkweed along the sides of the road that I had first seen on the way down. If I had my pruning shears on me, it would take all of my self control to keep from harvesting it all.

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