Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cold hands

Brr. The weather has turned and I am not prepared in any way at all. I just spent an hour on the air mattress, bundled in every last piece of clothing I could find that isn't totally filthy, reading and wondering if I should walk the 3 miles for a bag of chips. I'm craving crunchy food = stressy.

Here are the tracks of the mystery visitor. After being supremely lazy for days (maybe even longer), I finally got myself out the door and walked for an hour in the rain.

This line runs across someone's property. I'm not sure why. My batteries died before I could shoot the six different colored balls next to the soccer net in some other yard. The nice thing about walking in the rain is that the allergies are pretty much erased.

I like anything that says "CLP" b/c I can figure out myself that it stands for Connecticut Light and Power. Light and power, good things to have.

I came back to the studio and wondered why my brush pens are black and green, and so are my ball points. The same green! I have no answers.

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