Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Clunky but moving

I taped some calligraphy in the window. I don't know what to do with it. It's not very good but I like it so much. Then again, I generally like squares of anything. I'd like a square of chocolate cake right now, but that's neither here nor there.

I stayed up late last night weaving and knitting and all sorts of weirdness so that I could use up all of my sappan dyed hanji. I get pretty compulsive about "finishing" up all of one thing at a time, b/c the stray pieces make me insane. Though I really need to learn to leave things and come back to them later. I ended up sleeping downstairs b/c it was so hot upstairs and then slept late, so I did a 'barely' walk and then came back to WORK. So this book is done,

and this one, too! Plus I made a piece on watermarked hanji and then a triptych on oiled hanji so I think, save all the administrative nightmare and all the text and final presentation issues (and finding the other pieces I will show that are hiding out somewhere at home), I think I can finally put this first show aside and move onto the second!

Jen was going to take me to the Aldrich today, but her car suddenly died as I was waiting to be picked up (thus the time for chipmunks living in the stone wall). I thought I wasn't going but then suddenly another volunteer called and showed up in 10 minutes to take me there. It's a gorgeous space and sized perfectly.

There's tons of Tufte work outside and in, and it was a pretty gorgeous day for everything. I think I will nap, have dinner, and then see what gets cooking for the next phase. I'm hoping the ugliest phase is over!

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