Friday, August 14, 2009


The problem with doing big stuff is that the experiments are exhausting. I'm all over the studio now and wishing for more wall space (and space space!) but it's not happening. I started a new diving-in project as well, which is something I've been thinking about for a long time now, but have been too chicken to try. It's going to take forEVER just to prep it.

I took a walk today and poked down Dark Pond Trail, which was creepy only b/c it was called Dark Pond Trail. Who names these streets?? I saw two inchworms going down to the circle at the end of the street and one mansion. And swampiness. The other problem now that I am almost at the half-way point is that all I want to eat is pizza and brownies. I don't have either of those things, which can be good or bad. Good, so I won't eat them. Bad, b/c when I finally get to, I'll eat enough for a whole village.

I made huge messes today w/the ink I've been grinding on and off all day. My hands are completely stained. This is why it's nice to not see anyone or go out: no one can see my dirty fingernails or smell my patchouli soap. I made an order today from Earthues and had a lovely talk with Kathy. Dyes freak me out, and even when I was taking classes in Seoul, I never felt like I really knew what was going on. But she was super sweet and made me miss those days, when we ordered things over the phone and talked to REAL PEOPLE. It made my morning. Well, that and my shower. And the nice guy who waved to me who works for the park service but I have been too busy and anti-social to meet formally.

If I can get myself back upstairs, it's bad to work. If not...

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