Saturday, August 08, 2009


This is the book of stamps I hope to sell for a book of stamps. Maybe two books, first-class postage.

[Rubble-filled wall - the most stable of the three types on this land.] I went for a long walk this morning and saw Jen, my volunteer, as she was priming and painting parts of her house exterior. We commiserated on how much we hate framing and how we suck at it b/c of dyslexia. Next week, she'll take me on a museum date.

[This roof is going to be replaced soon; apparently it goes all red when the moss blooms.] I didn't sleep well, so I had lots of cantaloupe for breakfast and don't even know what I did until the stone wall tour that Cassie gave. I love that when she talked about thrown walls, I assumed she meant "throne" walls. I'm such a princess.

I LOVED the tour and and totally recommend it. They give it at 1pm on Thursdays and Saturdays, and it goes for an hour. Plus the weather today was faboo and the family on tour was super engaged and nice. Also, we found out that they have heirloom apple trees, and in the fall they put a basket of them outside the visitor center for free (so come fetch instead of trying to steal them off of national land). There is actually a whole orchard somewhere else that we can't see. This place is fascinating once you find out about all the little things. I learned LOTS about stone walls (these are laid ones, terraced and European-style). Reminded me of the ones full of holes made in Jeju (the big island south of Korea) with volcanic rock - it's an island known for its rocks, wind, and women. As in these being ever plentiful.

After learning about glaciers, clear cutting, frost heave, crappy land for farming, fences, "when you buy meat, you buy bones; when you buy land, you buy stones," wolf trees, capstones, and 1 over 2 / 2 over 1, I came home to my new air mattress!! Janice is amazing! So I am psyched about the new sleeping arrangement. But I will feel even more psyched if I get some decent work before I go to bed.

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