Saturday, August 01, 2009

Another displacement

[Note random sign in background.] I keep telling myself after each move or trip or visit that I need to settle down more b/c it seems to get harder each time. But I fear that is not in the cards AT ALL for me.

[Here's the sign up close!] Yesterday I went for a little stroll into the big field since the sun had come out. I was going to walk more but b/c the sun was so intense, I instead pretended to be Jami w/my camera, stayed close to shade, and eventually just lay in the grass for a while.

On my way back, I noticed that I no longer had the house keys in my pocket. I doubled back to the shady spot of the big tree I was under and thank goodness it was there. This is the nice thing about slow, uneventful days: it's easy to retrace steps, there's plenty of time, and there's only one way certain things could have happened b/c so little has happened that day.

Ben got home in time from work to take me out to dinner on the marina; lots of seafood and wine. Too much wine! Plus I had been eating tons of dark chocolate that he had gotten me when I first flew into Ohio two weeks ago. It was day of pure indulgence (besides the inevitable admin that I felt compelled to continue).

Ben wanted to lay out in the field afterwards to watch stars, but once he fell asleep, I bundled him up and went back inside, only to wake at 3am in a panic b/c he was still outside and I had not fetched him. At times, I am possibly the most heartless anti-romantic ever, but luckily he came in a few minutes after three and didn't get mad even though it was warranted. He took care of breakfast and getting me to the airport on time and I made it right as my fave Roots song came on.

After the drive, flight, bus ride, and train commute, I made it home to face a ginormous shipment of bricks from a traveling exhibit. Of course they packed it all wrong so the bricks were crushed, but I just shoved them into a bag and threw it downstairs into the "scary" closet (my name for places that you just throw shit into and then don't deal with. Like the scary drawer, etc. - not that I have one! But I take advantage of other people's). Oh, and the 20-kilo box from Korea that I shipped in May. Books, research, odds and ends, and winter clothing. I might as well box up all the winter clothing to ship right on upstate.

I am not looking forward to tomorrow: massive packing for my month in CT. Excited for how that will shape up, but not excited about digging deeper into what has turned into the scary bins of art, supplies, and who knows what else. But the work has begun!

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