Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The ¡Ya Basta! Collective

Call for Submissions: Anthology on Gender, War and Militarism.

· The ¡Ya Basta! Collective is a group of women of color who are putting together an anthology which gives voice to young women, girls, and non gender conforming peoples of color.

· This anthology will be built around themes of war, violence, militarism. We particularly welcome creative work which connects, and troubles, gender binaries through an exploration of militarization, war and violence in our times.

· We invite work that is resistant, hopeful and healing.

All creative work including writing, poems, visual art work, cartoons, sticker designs, stencils, etc. are welcome.

Please send submissions and a short bio including contact information (name, email, or the best way to contact you) in Word or PDF as well as within the body of the text to: Hard copies can also be sent by mail to: PO Box 55113, Riverside CA 92517 c/o ¡Ya Basta! Collective.

Deadline for Submission: September 15, 2008.

If you would like more information on the ¡Ya Basta! Collective please contact:

Don't have anything to submit?

The ¡Ya Basta! Collective will be holding free online writing workshops for girls, women, and gender-non-conforming folks of color on war, militarization and violence in conjunction with the themes of our anthology.

¡Ya Basta! Collective member Ching-In Chen will run the first four-week workshop, starting August 26 and ending September 16, 2008. This will be a group for those who want to jumpstart their writing and are in need of inspiring prompts by writers from our community, open to those writing in all genres and all ages. We especially encourage new and beginning writers!

Each week, writing prompts will be posted for the group (also open if the members of the group have writing prompts/favorite pieces of writing to share!).

Though this workshop is free, we ask that you only apply if you can commit to the entire four-week session. (We hope to run more groups in the future.) The minimum commitment each week would be to write one piece to share with the group, to read our peers' posts and respond/give constructive feedback to at least one of our peers' pieces. The workshop will be limited to no more than 15 participants. To apply for the workshop, please send an introduction (no more than one page) telling us who you are and why you are interested in taking the workshop to

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