Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Migración of Language Project

Anni forwarded this to me, and it's a topic I am very interested in, as well as part of a show that is soooo my speed:

Dears Colleagues and Friends,
Paloma and I are currently working on a new project, 'Migración of Language.' The project explores themes of immigration, displacement and language and will be exhibited in the show
that opens at the Cleveland alternative gallery, Spaces, on September 5 - October 17, 2008.



As part of one of the installation pieces, we are trying to show the different reasons and circumstances that have led people from around the world to immigrate, or simply move from one place to another. If you would take a second to respond to the following questions, we'd really appreciate your collaboration:

1. Where are you from and where do you live now?
2. How many different places have you lived?

3. Please write at least three life events or reasons for moving from one place to another. You can be brief; there's no need to be specific or include personal details, unless you want to. Your information will remain anonymous; it will be used to create an enormous paper chain made up of the various life events that have motivated dozens, if not hundreds, of people to move from one place to another.

Examples of descriptions:

I lost my job
I got a new job
I married someone from ___________
I moved because of political persecution
I moved for economic reasons

Or you might take a more narrative approach. Here's my own:

I've lived in many different places and countries. In Pinar del Río, Havana, Bogotá, San José, Miami, Florida, New York City, and now in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The reasons for my migratory displacements have been diverse as well: I moved from Pinar del Río to Havana to study art. I left Cuba for political reasons.

It would be ideal if you could e-mail this back as soon as possible. If you want to forward it to others, we would greatly appreciate it! Please send all responses to

Many thanks,
Juan-Sí & Paloma

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