Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sad, among other things

More like, horrified. This morning, I had terrible nightmares about an evil surgeon who was amputating people's arms, doing brain surgery, and enclosing men in plastic bubbles with rising water, sans anesthesia. The worst part was that the different "patients" kept rotating through my mind, so I'd see one scene, and then another, and then back to the drowning man, and then back to the woman screaming while being held down.

I woke up and skipped my normal stretching and meditation routine just to get online and either get distracted from the disturbing images or feel more connected to people outside of myself. That's when I got two emails, from two different poles:

1. Akua Lezli Hope, an artist and poet I had first met (through distance) when working for NYFA years ago, shared a book excerpt online - it's a lovely interview about her life, juggling art and non-art work, success, and maturing as an artist.

2. A good friend / amazing teacher / beautiful dancer was attacked by a man in the street at night in Park Slope wielding a kitchen knife. She is resting in the hospital and hopefully will recover quickly from the physical injuries. But WTF?!!?! I'm sorry that I won't be able to visit her before I fly off tomorrow, and even sadder that it even happened in the first place. Thank goodness that she was in a neighborhood where people were willing to help, and that she was smart enough to protect her major organs. I'm still in visceral shock.

It makes me think about how Mi-Kyoung, my teacher at Haystack, talked about how the shirt drawing in its first version seemed really violent to her. I had been thinking simply of a person waving when I did the drawing, but after she said that, I saw that it could read "person with knife." Ug.

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elizabeth ross said...

leave all darkness behind and go where the sun rises (well, close)
seriously, it will be a major wonderful experience.
you know many people loves you
buen viaje, preciosa!