Thursday, May 15, 2008

When I was born,

the Yankees lost Game 5 to the Dodgers in LA. But they won the next game and the series right after that in NY. I was probably not as cute as Rachel's brand new boy!! But I am happy to be reading Can't Stop Won't Stop now, even though Jeff Chang's book came out three years ago. It's really nice to read a history of something that feels much closer to me than other things that have history books written about it. I was hooked immediately, on the first page in his Prelude: "There is nothing more ancient than telling stories about generational difference. A generation is usually named and framed first by the one immediately preceding it. The story is written in the words of shock and outrage that accompany two revelations: 'Whoa, I'm getting old,' and, 'Damn, who are these kids?'"

The only problem that the book is so freaking huge that I'd rather take really light knitting on the train. Anyhow ... during my walk home, I realized that I commute 3 hours through 3 boroughs on the days that I work for my boss. So I'm going to go lay down soon. But first: my interview on the blog for - it's kind of long b/c I zoned out and wrote all day.

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  1. ellie3:15 PM

    looks like a good book. but probably frustrating for me to read so i won't. frustrating because all of my students who LOVE hip hop have no idea what it REALLY is and I don't want to teach them about hip hop i want to teach them about MODERN DANCE!!!! urg.
    i'm glad you got the spray. i hope it helps and the mag if all goes well it should help your jaw issue a little bit. you have to take it pretty steady and take more if you feel like you are more tense. it really seems to be helpful for my neck. stiff still but not spasms.
    we are in our first stop of san diego and it is 100degrees today. so we are in a dark room with a fan and it feels pretty good. i hope you are good and i'll call you once we are on the road again (the cell phone reception is bad news out here). love, ellie


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