Tuesday, May 27, 2008

There go my elbows

It was great to have Naz back for yoga class today, but whoa, sore hamstrings! She used me as the demo person for forearm balance, which was hilarious to me b/c that is my least favorite inversion - I hate how all the skin gets pulled off of my elbows. But I had a couple of moments where I balanced w/o the wall. She tried to get me up into a tripod headstand later but I didn't know what she was doing so my tripod wasn't set up properly and she was holding me up the whole time. I wanted to say, "let me down so I can reset! I can do this w/o a spot!" but I just ended up nearly pulling off her jewelry w/my feet. hahaa.

The 439 paper leaves have been mailed to Mexico!!! It feels great to be done w/my end of that project. I also got my visa today, so that's a relief. And James has some more poetry online, so check it out.

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  1. qué bonitas!!!! and, a lot! be sure you'll have the complete documentation of this (plus catalog and all)


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