Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday's splurge

I've wanted a new camera for a while, and had fallen in love with Elizabeth's last year in Mexico. Instead of agonizing for months on research, I just harassed my brother-in-law for info (oh, wait, I always do that - thank god for techies!) and then steeled myself for the blow to my bank account. Wohoo! I had considered a SLR but who am I kidding?? I use about 1/100th the functionality of my point and shoot, so this will be fine. I'm paying less than I did five years ago for a much better machine. Makes me feel old. But now I can safely use my B&H catalog for waste paper (which I already did - finished a case for a knit print, and a box for the very long knit print).


  1. Details/Specs?!? I am thinking about getting a new camera too... probably not quite as fancy as your new one.

  2. Canon PowerShot S5 IS - the good thing is that it has decent video capability, too. I love that it LOOKS fancy but is still just a P+S at heart.


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