Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Yesterday, I made a bouquet of paper flowers out of leftover scraps - they're for Mother's Day, since I don't have time to do it last minute. My mom always complains about cut flowers being depressing b/c they shrivel up and die right in front of your eyes, so I figure these are good since they won't do that at all. Also, it's ALWAYS fun to play w/pipe cleaners. I've been so out of it (allergy season is pretty brutal) that I forgot to say that a show opened in Lincoln, Nebraska, w/one of my books! And, appropriately, that book was made in Nebraska. It's there for the whole month of May at the Lux Center for the Arts, and you can even see images of the pieces online, if you click on the show, All Synthetic/All Natural: 2008 Lux Center for the Arts Book Invitational.

I also got a digital preview of the photos from last week's shoot, which look REALLY NICE. I'll share soon. Oh, and Jami is looking for someone to take over her lease in NYC, if anyone is looking! AND, happy birthday to the theorist! Now, I'm going to go recover from another passing out and sleeping hard acupuncture session.

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