Thursday, May 01, 2008

Invincible no more

Today was hard! But I made it. Only 30 sheets, which is usually what I'd make in half a morning, but most of them are actually two sheets w/paper yarn embedded in between, so really I pulled almost 60 sheets. My hands are burning from just being too cold and wet for two days straight. They're really red and raw, so the prospect of showering was awful, but I braved it to get clean! I ended up cleaning the studio and its contents a lot, too, so that sucked time and energy. Also, Takuji came over to visit (and so did Louise), so I didn't work for a couple of hours during all the touring and lunching and everyone meeting everyone else. But I've learned that my days of working on the wet floor for long hours are OVER.

The view from the papermill of the garden in progress.

Trimmed and soaked paper yarn.

Yarn on first wet sheet before the second wet sheet goes down.

Voila! The yarn is now trapped between two questionably-colored sheets of paper.

A sheet draining on a mould. Guess who gave herself a head massage on the train home today?? I wish I could do the same for my back!


  1. oh oh oh oh oh oh
    l love them!!!!!

  2. I can speak from my intermittent production runs: it's like returning to any physical practice you haven't done in awhile; you build up your muscles and moves again, and after a couple of sessions, you get back in the groove.

  3. You're totally right - we talked this morning (while comparing body aches and pains) about it just being a toning process. I always forget that it's a really physical activity!!


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