Saturday, May 17, 2008

Breaking my rules

I've been very bad this week about going to bed before midnight. I'm home late tonight b/c I wanted to be just like Jami and went to see "Iron Man" w/sis/bro-in-law/friend. My favorite part was the newspaper clipping of Tony as a young boy w/Bill Gates.

was so kind as to point out a blog posting about my interview by a group of printmakers in Spain.

I suddenly want to see "Top Girls" at the Biltmore Theatre. Mostly b/c Ching-In recommended that I read the play (I will do that once I get my hands on it), and then b/c I just read a review about it at 2am.

A new thing for my list of things I will most likely not get to do: see the treehouse exhibit at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania!! How cool is that?! And one treehouse is even handicapped-accessible!!

Now I need to get to bed (it's getting to be close to 3am, yikes!) since I am giving that artist talk in a little over twelve hours - Saturday (today) at 6pm at MGC, which is at 481 Washington St. b/t Spring and Canal. It'll be kind of nasty weather, so dress warmly since it gets WINDY in that part of town, and even more so on windy days!! But it will probably be my last public showing of art for a while, so come by! There will be food. It's free. And if you bring your checkbook, you can even buy my art.

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