Tuesday, April 01, 2008


WOW. I have been bowled over by support and love and congrats for the past 24+ hours and it's pretty overwhelming. It's great, though. Makes me feel like I never need to bear children or get married b/c this kind of news seems WAY more fun to send and receive. Yesterday was pretty crazy - funny mail delivery, where the mail carrier forgot stuff and came back thru the rain to redeliver. I then opened the mailbox and got all pissed off b/c she had shoved my new Hand Papermaking newsletter into the top and ruined it. So I came back inside and threw all the mail on the floor to sort. Good thing I was ON the floor, b/c I was pretty much shaking and hyperventilating as I opened the envelope from IIE. I re-read the letter a lot for the next hour b/c I was worried I had misread it (it was a dense letter, so don't make fun).

The process of notifying people was hilarious. Totally Confucian/Korean style - family first, then "elders" (that would be everyone who wrote letters for me, helped me edit, and advised me on the application process), then friends, and then the big mass email. I then spent the rest of the day shipping books off to five collections, sending a bunch of mail art, and running more errands. I seriously believed yesterday morning that my biggest accomplishment of the day was going to be finishing and mailing my taxes. Imagine that! But the US Department of State trumped the Internal Revenue Service this year.

How psyched am I that I get to research hand papermaking in Korea on the government's bill??!? Last night, I walked to the store close to midnight to pick up whipped cream - I made strawberry shortcake for my mom's bday today. On the way, I was really sad to see that the local book store had gone out of business. It was called Good Yarns, and they really used to sell books AND yarn. So sad. The whole process of getting a letter yesterday, and holding it in my hands, reinforced my hardcore belief in the postal system (in general, not the USPS specifically, but just the idea of being able to put something in a mail box here and have it arrive there to someone else). And I will always have a hardcore belief in books. [Here, I will plug the Center for Book Arts mail art exhibit opening next Friday, April 11: Mapping Correspondence.]

Today, I just needed some hugs. So I saw Pauly for impromptu yoga pants shopping, Ivan for lunch in - you guessed it - Koreatown!, and Lystra and Marina at NYFA. I've been really touched by all of the breathless phone calls and messages I've been getting. I got a really fun one from Kat, who was a housemate in Vermont last year, and then another from my old jazz/improv violin teacher, Julie:
Congratulations! Every time I read your announcements, I think back about that ripe moment when you voted in favor of supporting your own path, no matter what the family expectations. I'm so proud of you!
I just re-read my proposal for the Fulbright, and was kind of scared by it. It's really really really ambitious. I was tempted to post it but am afraid it will put everyone to sleep or scare you all away. I thought, "what the hell was I smoking when I did this??" SO MUCH work lies ahead. But I'm up for it. I was explaning today to someone that it takes a certain kind of person to be a papermaker - someone with drive, commitment to the craft, stamina, and serious physical strength. I've been slacking on my situps/pushups, but I hope I can still fit the bill.

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  1. Ooooohhhh, I'm an Elder.
    I can handle that (grin).
    It's just excellent, and you will be able to do it all. Don't worry (ha!) - but seriously, just look back at what you accomplished in any given year of grad school. Or since, for that matter.


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