Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What other people are up to

I'm feeling all funky today again, but I think it's b/c I haven't had a moment to PARTY and my nose is tired from being at the grindstone. I've decided that the things that I really want now are: a massage from Diana, weekly yoga classes, a new digital SLR, and more RAM for my computer. Oh, and aloe vera juice. The only thing that I'll get anytime soon is the aloe vera. This postcard is for Jacklyn's show, opening at the Arlington Arts Center in Virginia next week. She's a total pro w/plexi, from what I can see from her images and also a plexi postcard she sent to me last week!

I'm also going to try and see this show that Marcie is in. Tomorrow I go to the doctor for a full checkup and bloodwork. I haven't been in about five years. No joke. I'm filling out the form, and am feeling insulted by it. Item 22 looks like this: "RACE (Check one): White ___ Black ___ Other ________". Uhhhh, when the hell was this form updated??! The good part is that I had wanted to fast for a day (Monday, but clearly that didn't happen) - tomorrow will be it. Well, for the whole morning and early afternoon at least.


  1. "RACE (Check one): White ___ Black ___ Other ".

    Oh, good grief. When I'm confronted with one of those, I ALWAYS check "Other" and write in "deaf".

    I'll have to look up one of Smith's blogs for you about applying for a British Library card in London. It went waaaay too far in the other direction. Way. Maybe something like 25 "races" (and "Irish" - two or three categories of Irish - were all separate from "White".

  2. What I like best about that is that the "EXAMINEE" is not allowed to fill out the "RACE" part! The physician has to do it!!

    Someone else told me to check all of the boxes. hahaa.


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