Friday, April 18, 2008

I lurve acupuncture

[I've been very bad about using my own photos lately, but I just keep forgetting to take my camera to the studio and generally don't have much to share that's photoworthy.] Thank goodness for Jami and her discoveries! I went to Isobeau today and renewed my appreciation for Chinese medicine. It was so easy for her to know what was up w/me - it's stuff I already know, but always forget. My liver! My poor, overtaxed liver. Plus all of the fire raging. Anyhow, I'm going back as often as I can. She was sweet and funny, and asked what was up w/my fibula, b/c they stick out so much.

I took Benadryl last night and today the allergies were a little better. I'm hoping I can work a little more this weekend and not be like a girl in a bubble, hiding indoors and trying not to move around so that I don't start sneezing. I worked really hard today and want to get some of MY own work done this weekend. Yesterday, in the midst of massive allergy attacks, I trashed a good huge portion of my bricks. It felt good (well, I felt horrible the whole time, which made it easier to trash - they were so dusty from hanging in a museum for 6+ months that they triggered more allergies. This stirred some major rage and impatience so I made a rule: cut at least one brick out of a wall piece, and then you're free to trash).

I saved one tiny piece as a memento, one multicolored rectangular chunk that has been my favorite and a travel companion, and a few colored chunks to install in Paulette's home and office. I had hoped to recycle, and smash them to use for printmaking, but once I was handling them again, I realized it wouldn't work - they're tough! I had wanted to run them over w/a car, but have no time/energy for it. I obviously fail on the GREEN scale in terms of how I dealt with this piece, but in terms of emotional self care, I scored high.

This morning, still drugged, I rode the train to work and stared at the river and thought, "I am so glad that I'll be in Maine for two weeks in June." This is the first day that I've honestly felt happy about going to Haystack. Living and working on the water will be worth all the hassle.

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