Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh, drat

I just examined this proof of a print I made last night and realized that I drew it wrong. One of those branches should be BEHIND the treehouse and not in front. Not quite sure how I'm going to fix that now, but I'll worry about it tomorrow in the studio.

I was so zonked last night that I forgot to share the little blurb about my work that Steven Daiber wrote in Ampersand last year: "Aimee Lee's accordion books speak of a life of aches and pains strengthened through laughter. Reading the poems one expects the material to be hard, strong, perhaps abrasive only to find a soft flexible support made of handmade paper spun into shifted and knitted panels."

The word shifu obviously doesn't translate well, but I thought it was a nice review. And apt for right now, since I'm having major papermaker's aches and pains - today was another hardcore day on the wet floor. Actually, I'm starting to get weird wrist pains so GOOD NIGHT, computer.

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