Monday, March 17, 2008

I like the beginning of this one

Lee, Li-Young. Book of My Nights. Rochester, NY: BOA Editions, Ltd., 2001.


There's nothing I can't find under there.
Voices in the trees, the missing pages
of the sea.

Everything but sleep


In the meantime, I was sleepy all day. Have no idea why.
Ching-In reminded me last night that the cycles of anger I go through are easily attributed to oppression.
Today, I trimmed and signed an edition of 10 prints - the word ruler.
Today, I completed an edition of six books - the word ruler.


  1. Re: feeling strange:
    there's also 'spring fever', my gran used to call it, odd moods & a certain loginess when the season changes. I've been feeling that.
    There was a super-smart, highly articulate artist/ writer here last session, who is writing with poetic, heartrending honesty about being bipolar. She says in early spring, a great many bipolar folks will go into a manic phase.

  2. aaaahhh. that makes a LOT of sense. thanks for sharing, so i don't just feel like a loner crazy!


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