Monday, March 10, 2008

I already tangled this yarn

Too bad, b/c I had successfully wound the skein when I first got it. But I tried to re-wind it on the train, and got two huge snarls. Must have been b/c I was frustrated with the three men talking really loudly, being one-upping know-it-alls. Oh, the train stories. But hopefully I'll get lots of knitting time (and untangling time) on the way to Yale this week - I'm going to a book conference on Thurs/Fri. I raced through two Jorge Luis Borges books last night and tonight, completed my work for Clover (mostly violin work), did all my situps and pushups and jacks, and zipped in and out of town to meet w/an artist friend Rory (we met in Nebraska two years ago!). Now, I just feel like eating lots of pastries or something.

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  1. Today I was looking at lots of fungus photos. Your looser knit paper in this photo looks a lot like those veils that some exotic mushrooms grow. To me that is Quite Nice, so take that as a compliment. (I like the ruler, too).


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