Friday, February 08, 2008

Coming clean

In March 2005, I asked my contacts to contribute stories about recent bruises they had sustained, and how they had gotten them. I was gathering these stories to make an artists' book about bruises, and used a darkroom technique that I was learning in grad school. Van Dyke prints always create the same color brown, but I tweaked all of my exposure times to create a book that would start light, darken to a full Van Dyke brown, and then fade again, to mimic the life cycle of a bruise. I selected ten stories from ten people and dated them, creating a calendar of bruises. Most people who read this book think that it's a catalog of all of my bruises (I know I'm accident prone, but this would be ridiculous!!). None of the stories are mine. I was overwhelmed by making the book (each page had two films, and two different exposure times, and it gets messy when you are coating paper in the dark) and embarrassed by it. I made two; one is in a collection in Hungary and the other I finally boxed properly. I am now most embarrassed by not sharing it with the very generous contributors, so I want to publicly acknowledge their support. I never want to be the kind of artist who asks for favors and doesn't say thank you. I know it's almost three years late, but THANK YOU!!

Benjamin, page 1.

Shawn, page 2.

Deborah, page 3.

Diana, page 4.

Melissa, page 5.

Stephanie, page 6.

Jen, page 7.

Anju, page 8.

Alexandra, page 9.

Ellie-Jo, page 10.


  1. it looks beautiful to me. i am a little embarrassed to say that i had forgotten about this project and certainly hadn't felt slighted for not being thanked! it was fun to see the pictures and read the entries. hope you are well and that our crazy schedules will match up one of these days. xo, dyg

  2. I have to admit I'd forgotten about it too...and that fall and spectacular bruise as well! It'll remind me to go slow when I'm unloading the rest of the car today.
    It's a fine book, thanks for posting it!

  3. I was almost positive that no one had felt slighted and it was no big deal, but I wanted to make sure I did right by everyone! To start off the new year.


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