Friday, January 04, 2008

Typing, typing

I just need to box this sucker and it's done. I've bound my knit pages for a fourth knit book/sestina. The dentist says I have a hairline fracture; it's not root canal time, thank goodness. Sad about Iowa results but too early to despair.


  1. ellie5:23 PM

    why are you sad about iowa results? i'm clueless.... :)

  2. so these are notes you have written?

  3. no, these are stories people in the audience wrote on my request as i performed. i saved them all but they were done in pencil, and were already smudging. so i traced each of them over by my hand in pen so i still had a record of them.

  4. performance art? what was the one about isolation if there is any more story behind it?

  5. i had asked people for stories about trips or journeys they had taken, and if they had goals & if those goals had been met.

    the isolation story goes like this:

    "Recently I visited Estonia - I was curious about the concept of 'isolation'. I discovered associations regarding communication, which interested me. I also found isolation to be a positive thing.'


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