Monday, December 03, 2007

Constant marketing

I found this image while I was selecting images for a new press kit brochure. I love that it's a picture of me following my old performance teacher while rehearsing for a group performance in Chicago years ago, way south near Calumet City. I'd really like a teacher to follow around right now. And to ask, "do I really have to make a new brochure?" I suddenly was thinking that I shouldn't bother, but there must be a reason it has been on my list for the past few weeks.

I'm mailing these books out to a new library collection: it's all for you. I'm always looking for new places to house my small books. I can't tell if it's a good impulse or just part of my own hatred of having a lot of stuff in my possession. The woman in charge of one of the reputable collections that I'm in told me never to get rid of my one-of-a-kind books. But I can't stop! Better in someone else's closet than mine, is my motto. And besides, if you're in Portland, you can see books that you might not be able to see if you were not in my home.

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