Monday, November 26, 2007

What's next

I finished these last week, blank books that I was planning to fill with more comics and cut outs. But of course, I'm terrified (as I usually am before I start drawing). I don't know why I still haven't gotten over the fear of just doing things. I had it even before I went to grad school, thinking that the more I did a thing (like drawing comics), the worse I would get at it. Not sure where that comes from. I wasn't very good at practicing violin since I never got very good at some things. That, I chalk up to not knowing how to practice. But I'm pretty sure I know how to draw comics, so what's with choking every time I start? Maybe I need to never stop so it doesn't become this huge task I can't do anymore.

Anyhow, I'm back to yucky nitty gritty work (as in, the computer is turned on again), and got a lecture from little sis today about how I seem to just be waiting for things and marking time. She says that I have to be more proactive and make investments in things even if they seem to not yield a whole lot, which to her means 1. rent a studio space and 2. send stuff to galleries. The first thing makes a lot of sense. The second thing rates up there with eating insects. I understand it, but I am still not convinced that I would thrive in the gallery system.

Right now, I'm going to just work on teaching proposals. It's always nice to evade work with other work.


  1. Don't be afraid of success!!!

    Send, send!!!

  2. Don't eat insects, either. I agree that the gallery system can be bad, but it's not usually wiggly and crunchy at the same time.


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