Sunday, November 11, 2007

Things to read/do that I am reading and not doing

I recently got an unbound copy of Dorothy Field's Paper and Threshold. I bound it before my trip to Oberlin and finally finished reading it yesterday. It's a great text on the spiritual uses of paper in various (mostly Asian) cultures. Lots of pictures and information I was thankful to receive. A Canada-based artist and scholar, she helped me a lot during my Fulbright research since she had studied intensively w/a Korean papermaker in the past. [I was going to do a limited edition binding of this but got all flustered and just did a longstitch.]

Here is more of the pop-up from Lizzie (I am probably spelling her name wrong and don't know how to spell her nickname so I won't butcher both) from Oberlin. There is an exhibit back at Columbia College on Mexican paper; someone go and tell me how it is! Oh, and also in Chicago: this Tuesday night will be the fourth year of Site Unseen, an annual festival of live art. My first year that I will not be present in body, very sad. But maybe some of you will! I have so many friends and colleagues in the show that I won't list them. Just go out and support!


  1. The Mexican paper show is quite nice, very lively and full of bright's mostly traditionally-based
    contemporary papier-mache masks and figures, many very intricate, plus traditional papercuts, some amate and other handmade papers. Bill has done his usual excellent display, many things humg from the ceiling, etc. In the darkened inner gallery is a large
    dia di los muertos ofrenda /altar for Dard Hunter, also fairly traditional.

  2. I heart the portrait that the student did!!


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