Monday, November 19, 2007


I made three books and a few popups yesterday, and want to read Hand Job. In the meantime, I'm making and packaging more random paper things and wondering what I'm going to do w/these books. And trying to finish more apps. It doesn't help that it's grey and Monday, there's no heat, and I'm panicking b/c I swallowed a bone by accident at lunch and I'm worried it's going to perforate my organs.

Post-posting: I was so spastic that I forgot to mention that my designer added an updates/news section to my website, so I finally have an official space to toot my horn!


  1. I think stomach acid can dissolve just about anything. Think of the calcium boost you'll be getting!

    Your book looks really cool. I wish I could peek at your copy.

  2. mom told me that as long as it went down, i'm fine. it's a problem if it gets stuck. and that, yes, the stomach is capable of miracles. hahaa.

  3. I've been seeing that book displayed in EVERY bookstore window in lower Manhattan. I am so annoyed with a book called hand jobs that's not about hand jobs. Am I allowed to say that on your blog? If not, please feel free to delete.

    Also, I might be able to get you a copy for free. Let me see what I can do...

  4. THANKS for the book. but BLECH!!! it's AWFUL. awful!!! wow. awful. i wish i just took your advice and avoided it. but thanks anyway for helping me see the light.


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