Sunday, November 04, 2007

Shhh...I'm in the library

at Oberlin College. What a trip. It's really strange being back - I almost felt like everything was smaller, the way you feel when you go back to your elementary school. But I'm not any bigger than I was then. Again, I realize that life goes on, and nothing stays the same. I was walking to the library to nap (the house I'm staying in is full of tours right now so I can't sleep there) and realized that Breda wouldn't be downstairs studying or Ellie in the dance studio or anyone I knew anywhere.

I teach in a few hours. It has been amazingly wonderful to see my old art teachers and see how much I learned from them. Time to get something to eat and get back to the studio to prep books!


  1. ellie8:56 PM

    tell me more tell me more tell me more!!!!!!!

  2. Awww... a nap at Mudd. Those were the days... were you able to score a womb chair, or did you stretch out on the colorful blocks on the second floor, or did you withdraw to a study carrel? PLEASE tell me all of those things are still there -- I know that they've done some renovations recently to the building. God, when college feels like going back to middle school -- we ARE getting old. Can't wait to see you in person and hear all about it!

  3. Hope the teaching is going great. (And I guess I'm just saying that to be nice b/c I'm sure it is).

  4. i'm glad you're teaching... you're sooo good at it. pop those books, yeah!

  5. The LIBRARY! What a magical place. I haven't thought of it in a while but I'm glad you got me thinking about it again. I think the library was a big part of why I chose Oberlin- I went there on my tour and fell in love with the multi-colored square cushion place. And the womb chairs.

    Nostalgia! Tears!

    Just think, you are contributing to those young, impressionable students' experience, and one day they'll be like, "Remember when we had that guest papermaking teacher?!?"

  6. i slept on green blocks on the 3rd floor. i needed to stretch out all the way so the womb chair would have curled me up too much. hahaa.


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