Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Not keeping up

It's amazing how working a couple days a week completely throws off my entire life. This is from the last batch of mail I sent out from WY - I have an entire secret photo set on flickr of all the mail I put into the mailbox, every day. But I have to keep it private b/c there are addresses all over it and of course I don't want to encourage stalkers to stalk my friends. I was going to send these to Gili first b/c of the horses but then didn't. I saw her yesterday for lunch w/Breda, who is in town for a bit. It was such a treat! I was on my feet for hours, then met up w/Gi to shop, then took the Q to meet Barbara for an Edward Albee play ("Peter and Jerry" - the 2-act version of "Zoo Story"). Thank goodness I was making blue boxes for books at work today instead of serious gluing, b/c I was a wreck.

My knee went into horrible pain in the afternoon, and continued today. Then Gili had a horrible back pull/spasm today and is all jacked up. I feel awful that I can't go over and take care of her. Somehow I'd like to blame globalism for this, but really it's b/c I watched "Children of Men" and its special features a few days ago. I'm reading even more depressing stuff: The Frailty Myth. It's always great fun to read about how I'm destined for osteoporosis and bone fractures b/c I was never physically inclined and quit sports for violin. Argh, classical music! I had a friend at Oberlin who swore that when he had a violin studio, he would make all of his students go running w/him b/c physical fitness is crucial to playing an instrument. Too bad I didn't have a teacher like that.

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