Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Wohooo!!! Terttu sent me my slides and her faboo scans of them. They look so nice. This was my costume from a performance I made in 2004 and then kept restaging in 2005. Kanye's "Stronger" has been on repeat and I am really annoyed w/my iPod b/c it keeps crashing whenever I plug it in, and the hard disk just spins but there's nothing I can do but just let it wear itself out and die. I visited Marianne today very briefly in Dumbo and had a quick lunch and found out that my sister actually works in the same building as her studio! Hilarious. So they got to meet - Marianne was one of the three residents in WY who drove to town to see "No End In Sight," and really appreciated it. I had my farewell eating session w/Paulette, too, at Angelica, where I insisted on each of us getting dessert. That might have been a little overboard, but she's the best person to engage in such behavior.

The best part of dinner was when I showed Pauly the popup from Oberlin, and the server was so distracted looking at it that she had a hard time counting out our change. Then, the woman next to me asked for titles of good instructional pop-up instructional books. Sweet.

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You're a paper ambassador!