Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Look at them go!

I got home late last night (but had the same flight attendant as when I flew into Cleveland) and am still in recovery. I really took no photos. Just a tiny bit. I am so sad that I didn't snap any on the second day, but it was Monday morning, and I think it's a little unkind to do photos on Monday mornings. But the popups were so great that day! It was such a treat having Oberlin students: respectful, open to learning, inquisitive, and full of ideas. I am usually paranoid about losing tools in workshops but still bring them to lend out. But I didn't even lose a needle! Or a pencil! Incredible. Pencils always walk. Apparently not here.

Anyhow. It was a jam-packed trip and I had a great time. I loved teaching, and was so grateful to Nanette for bringing me out and taking good care of me. I didn't run around campus that much; I didn't want to b/c I thought it would spoil all the good memories. You'd think there'd be more to say but I am bone tired so that's all for now.


  1. But all that said: in my utter exhaustion, I forgot to vote in the morning, but got around to it later. It's probably too late to encourage everyone else to do the same, so I hope everyone remembered!

  2. they are adorable. and so are you!

    i'm in nyc t-minus 2 weeeeeeeeeks.


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