Saturday, November 24, 2007

I've been working, really, I have

And trying my hardest to stay offline while I work. Cindy and Ivan donated more plastic bags (I'm not so sure that handling plastic bags all day is good for my health, but I'm already kind of sick so, oh well). Also, you can do interesting studies on people by examining their accumulated plastic bags, as you may have already imagined.

I like cutting them up in the middle the best. Cutting the handles comes in second (wait, or maybe first). Last is cutting the bottom. I hate that part - the way it's folded in to expand when goods are put inside.

Knitting makes me feel like my hands are going to fall off. At least, after four hours it does. Makes me realize why people probably have a lot more fun knitting w/soft, not unruly yarn. I wanted to stay up and finish last night, but my head was pounding. In a few hours, I'll be done w/the whole thing and then ready to draw a few comics.

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elizabeth ross said...

l love your work, l love you working...and, oh my! you are healthy enough!!!