Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Halfway there

Half of today's to do list is done. Two proposals out in the mail: one to teach, one to exhibit. Three more books from the library. Done w/Jami's contest. Loving all the Kanye skits. Tonight is a business meeting re: showing in Mexico. Bookmarked a new blog to stay motivated - the great thing is that I already designed a super hero of myself years ago!

To accompany this crop from an old photo of mom, "Hey Mama" is on.


  1. hey, Aimee! best for that meeting with the poet! l want you in Oaxaca!!!! then, l can visit!

  2. Beautiful photo of your mom. I finally framed and hung the 'guapa' you did in mexico; it is wonderful, but I think I need to change the mat to something more exciting. I tried to enter jami's contest by emailing her pix, but they came back undeliverable. Clearly I am not meant for art! :)

  3. nono, you are meant for this! did the pictures come back b/c it was the wrong email address or b/c her inbox was over quota? we'll figure it out - why don't you try emailing them to me (contact[at] and see if that works. jami would love to see your images!

  4. You look soooo alike.


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