Tuesday, November 27, 2007

All over the place

I made these before the eating fest holiday. I'm not sure why but it was a great way to use scraps.

Though it wasn't the best thing I've read on a Sunday, I appreciated Julia Alvarez's Once Upon a Quinceanera. It made me think that I could have used a good ritual for my birthday.

Check out Jami's fun contest for a free copy of her new book, The Kept Man. I'll do my part once the sun comes up.

I was going over my notes from prepping my Oberlin lecture, and found things that I never said in the lecture: "as soon as you figure it out, it will shift/change." And on my "to do" list for being an artist, the bottom of it said, "Read; Sleep; Eat well; Have fun."

The most exciting tidbit: recently, I've wanted to have my diploma. I did graduate over a year and a half ago, so it's not an unreasonable desire. I emailed someone at Columbia, who forwarded it to someone else, who then emailed me and tried to make me out to be the culprit, saying that they had no current address and phone number for me. This person gets emails from me regularly. Apparently, it has been sitting in that office since July 2006. I didn't say, "I filled out at least five change of address forms!!" or, "Do you know me?? I'm AIMEE. Aimee always fills out the forms, and ahead of time." And believe you me, this person knows me.

I'm sad to say I don't hold the record, since a friend who went through the program years ago waited three years for his diploma. But maybe when I finally get it, I'll feel like I've accomplished something! Maybe this is what my advisor meant when she said that it takes at least two years to feel like you're really out of grad school! [Hahahaa. Just kidding, Melissa. I don't think you're part of this ridiculousness at all. But it would be a good way to really drive that point home.]


polarchip said...

I really like the negative-space-ness of your papercuts.

I hope they send your diploma already!! You should pulp it and pull into a new sheet of paper and then bind it in to a book or something!

aimee said...


actually, i was hoping to add this one to my oberlin one so that i have two degrees to keep me warm, a la kanye's skits about having degrees instead of just newspapers to keep you warm when you're homeless. HAHAA.

Anonymous said...

Nope, I'm definitely definitely not part of this one!
I got my diploma when I graduated. Onstage at the ceremony. I'm not sure why other schools, including Columbia, don't just do that. (Mine just sits in a filing cabinet, haven't seen it in years and years).

aimee said...

oh, i thought it was just one more way for schools to screw you one last time before you're out. haha. i assumed it was b/c they'd rather make mistakes and give diplomas to the wrong people (alphabetic mistakes or whatnot) NOT at a graduation ceremony.

Anonymous said...

....or one more way to saddle overworked, underpaid and far too few staff people with yet another stressful job. Actually giving diplomas at graduation is simply just too efficient for academe.

We got diplomas, but no hood - no regalia at SAIC. So now Columbia has to rent one for me every year.

(One reason my diploma immediately got banished to the filing cabinet is that the fancy calligraphy makes my name look like "Melissa Jar Craig").