Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Publication mania

This is the copy of American Craft magazine that Reina sent; there's the brick wall! I also just found out that one of my books will be published in a book of handmade books to hit stores in January. I worked on my Art-o-mat pieces today and cooked more sagebrush leaves from the 60 stalks I harvested this morning. Just for kicks, I took the top of a cattail, too. I cooked it in the last bit of cooking liqueur I had and it looks like it might make amazing paper. Problem: I'm out of soda ash. Possible solution: start building wood fires in the house and take all the ash. Problem: who has that kind of time?! Possible solution: denial and 24-hour work days.

I replaced the sink plumbing, and hope to pull some more sheets as I digest. I overate at dinner: I made split pea soup and had two bowls. And then Joana's lime Tostitos (aka crack), Nancy's chicken/rice dish and mashed butternut squash, and Marianne's chicken and green bean stirfry. Ug. The good news is that I think this is my first overeating of the residency! Instead of overeating every meal.

Julie Laffin, a dear friend, just sent a link to images from her performance piece from this summer in Prague at the Quadrennial. Clover Morell, another dear friend, was the performer.

One more publication-related tidbit: Phoebe Damrosch has a new book out! I found out via Jami's blog, and almost fell off my chair. I met Phoebe in 1995 at music boot camp when she was a violist with hair past her ass. Look at her now! I love seeing what happens to my music geek cohort.

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  1. Wow! Such productivity! I want to run to a newsstand right now and look at your glossy mag spread!!


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