Monday, October 01, 2007

Joy descended!

I waited and waited all weekend, mostly with patience. Joy and Jessica called from the road yesterday because they had gone down our road but not all the way and weren't sure if it was the right road. Joana drove me to the turnoff, plates and bowls of lunch in tow, and parked her rental so J&J could spot us. I was SO HAPPY to see Joy and meet Jessica. They shared beer and snacks and hugs. It was so great to feel that young, beautiful, big wide energy. Joy wants to create an urban retreat/residency and I am ALL over that shit, b/c the world definitely needs more of those.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm going a little stir crazy. I miss proximity to the opposite sex (or even just the option for proximity once in a while), and am a little stressed by the whole "is this enough food until our next grocery run?" survival strategy. But I had a good work day, thanks to Chris' brilliant suggestion to use the sink as a vat. Duh. It even looks like the vats I first made paper in. I undid the plumbing, stopped it up, and voila! I can finally make decently sized sheets. What a relief. Doing all the 5x8" ones were making me insane.

Tomorrow: presentations to the community at the Sheridan bookstore! It'll be nice to meet new people and have dinner in town.


  1. why do you care about groceries? aren't you starving yourself? or is that over?

    also, joy looks familiar. i wonder if i knew her at that college of ours.

    also, come back to new york. i'm sick and tired of all this you not being here stuff. it's stupid. just plain stupid. i'm going on strike (from what, i'm not sure.)

    and further, so good to talk to you yesterday. how is it that you are one of my craziest friends and everything feels so much more normal when we finally get to talk?

  2. no, the starving is over. but i have too much rice and almond milk and other random things i bought in haste and folly.

    joy was a year ahead of me. class prez and all. very active, so i wouldn't be surprised if you knew her. or that she was at least very visible.

    nice strike, calling me at the loony bin. HAHAA. i'll be back so soon! really. and then we'll hang in astoria and meet the locals.

    maybe crazy + crazy = normal.

  3. So Fab! Everything sound so wonderful.

    I want to visit you! I guess I'll just have to wait till you visit me!

  4. What a fun visit! I know Joy. I don't know if she knows me.

    Yeah, come back to New York. And hurry.

  5. jealous of joy visit of course.


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