Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gili knows how to throw a birthday shoe

My camera batteries just died so I can't model them on my feet, but Gili got me these today on her lunch break. I loooove them! Hope tipped me off to them when I was in Mexico, and now I have super comfy party shoes for next summer. Gi and I have to remind ourselves to bring them out next summer...she got a blue pair in a different style. [Maybe Breda will get a pair in a few weeks.] I fondled all the handmade paper at NY Central Art Supply and treated myself to Angelica juice bar goodies. Then I helped Kiwon get a digital recorder for her pit sitting tonight at a big broadway show, and picked up my art in Brooklyn. I'm reading Alberto Manguel's Into the Looking-Glass Wood and it makes me want to read Lewis Carroll again.


  1. ellie9:19 AM

    where do you get them... what are they called?

  2. german orthopedic shoes: W├Ârishofer. it looks like there are plenty of online sellers, too.

  3. omg i LOVE them.


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