Sunday, September 09, 2007

Wanted: Artist studio space (x2)

I met Jill in Mexico, and she is looking for studio space ASAP so she can get to work on her remarkable vision. She worked incredibly hard in Mexico, taking risks every day. Inspiring. [Yes, those are cheese puffs. I helped w/this photo shoot on a horse path - she is covered in colored marshmallows and has a bleached bone on her head that she found while exploring.]

I am a performance artist who works with movement, video, sculptural elements and other media and I am looking for a long term studio rental where I can work in these different media. I need a space that is sufficiently large to accommodate some movement work (minimum 350 square feet) with a non-cement floor. I prefer full walls instead of partitions, and I am interested in spaces with or without windows. A rough floor is fine. 24 hour access is ideal.

Price is a large consideration, but at this point I am still open to hearing about all possibilities. Please contact: Jill Sigman at

Also, last I heard, my photographer Stefan Hagen was looking for new studio space, as his current one will sadly be converted from artist studios into luxury condos. He needs space in Manhattan.

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  1. that is hilarious. i totally know jill sigman. we did some dance thing together....i can't remember what! a composition class with wendy somebody, at trisha brown? and i'm pretty sure she wouldn't remember me. funny! small dance world even when you are totally removed from it:)


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