Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Time warp

Whoa. I have no idea what is going on - I thought I already did this post yesterday but obviously I have not. This is from the cattail harvest. I was so befuddled by scaring away the cows that I mistakenly put my camera on the B&W setting. I am just back from a walk where Chris showed me the dead porcupine. I've never seen one. You could see right where it was hit in the bum and the bottoms of its back paws and blood on the gravel and its little black face w/an open eye.

I got this fantastic mail from the past resident of my studio. I've been mailing things daily, which ensures that I get at least one small walk into each day. I've also been watching a movie every day. We'll finish "La Dolce Vita" tonight. Yesterday's cold, cloudy, windy weather put all of us into a funk but today was nice and sunny and I did yoga outside while cooking my cattails.

Good news via Reina: There is a review of Pulp Function in the new American Craft Magazine, and it includes a picture of my piece! I am dying to get my hands on a copy, so look out for it! I will order it but wish I could just go out to a store and buy it immediately. [After I posted I found an online preview so you can see the image briefly.]

Also, James (a friend from MN, and writer) and Susan (a friend from NY, and poet) have pieces in the latest issue of Yellow Medicine Review. Wohoo!


  1. Anonymous6:06 PM


    I finally received a mention on your blog. Will wonders never cease?


  2. unfair! i've mentioned you before, haven't i? haven't i? hm.

    but i AM excited for you!

  3. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Though you haven't mentioned me before, I KNOW that I'm always right there in your thoughts.



  4. i'd venture to say that i have definitely mentioned you before. remember the hot dog?? hahaa.


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