Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday without the Open

Big thanks and hugs to everyone who made it to the opening! I was so nervous - ever since a live auction where no one bid on my work, I have been freaked out about how well my 2D and 3D work holds up in public. But I had lots of support from Gili, Joe, Steph and Saar and their friend who just moved to Brooklyn from Baltimore, and Paulette. The fried chicken, fried fish, smoothies, and macaroons with chocolate sauce also helped. The gallery was packed the whole time, but I played hooky in the middle. Gili and Joe helped me hike all the way to a sports bar b/c I wanted to catch some of the men's final. But alas, the stupid "sports" bar only had football on its bazillion screens. HELL-O, football season has only started! Who cares?? This is the LAST DAY of a Grand Slam event!!

We then hiked up to Prospect Park West to find another place, but it was too far so we had to rest before finding a subway. I rode back to the gallery, only to bump into friends in the street who couldn't find the place. Then Paulette called to tell me that I was giving out the wrong address. And then I had a really nice dinner w/Diana. We haven't been able to catch up since the Tides show in June, so it was a huge treat to see her. She got me really excited about reading and everything else. It was a nice day to see all people I love and celebrate my panties.

I'm still sad I didn't get to see any of the Federer/Djokovic match, but I guess life goes on. Since I only have five days until Wyoming.

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