Friday, September 28, 2007

Spells and fasting

I'm addicted to potato prints. They smell even better the next day.

Even though the potatoes go black and shrivel up pretty quickly.

See! Thanks to Elizabeth for the spell. Doing this print over and over was a good lesson in Spanish. After printing it for the umpteenth time, I finally understood the conjugation and words and everything, just on my own. The magic of potatoes!

This is the ghost print of today's version with day-old potatoes. Get it? Because the spell says that if you don't heal today, you will tomorrow. So I wanted to see how the prints fare "today" and "tomorrow," too!

I stopped eating today and feel okay so far. I made three paper sample books, did tons of printing, and finished two apps. One more and I'm golden for the Oct 1 deadlines. I'm learning that I prefer almond milk to rice milk, by a landslide.


  1. oohhhh my goddess! you are a complete witch!

  2. ellie4:50 PM

    my philosophy for this sat: maybe it is better to be a nomade than to have to face that life is actually boring???? i'm bored. and tired.

  3. i love that people i meet when traveling think that i am a witch. but you, too!

    and life on the road is still boring once you stop for a moment. being bored is not bad. you are tired b/c you are working!!!

  4. I have been pondering the saying about healing today or tomorrow. I'm not totally convinced, but I would be willing to be.

    Love the idea though! Love the print(s) too!

  5. nice manifest t-shirt. hahaa!


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