Saturday, September 15, 2007


My camera's batteries died today, of course. So, no pics yet. It's just as well. THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. It is insanely gorgeous. The house that we live in (me and five other women) is unreal. Unreal! It's like living in a dream. I am in the Henri Matisse room. The theme is pink and purple. My mailbox (Matisse) is pink. I could easily just live in this house and not even make art or go into my studio and still be completely absorbed and busy. There is no way to describe it.

I am horribly exhausted. But I made all the flights and the connection and didn't lose my baggage. I did vomit in the morning but that was wholly unrelated to anything, and only related to mistakenly taking a vitamin C capsule on an empty stomach. That's all for now b/c I need to sleep in my purple bed. Pictures soon, b/c there is no other way to explain this paradise.


  1. ps - my cell does not work here, for sure, so don't call.

    pps - i already sustained my first injury by slamming my leg (right under the knee) into the edge of a chest in my bedroom in the dark. but i still love it here.

  2. Hurry up and charge your batteries already! I'm so happy things are good there. Holding my breath for photos!

  3. ellie9:50 AM

    wow... i'm so happy for some aimee paradise time!

  4. residencies are amazing. it's like the real world every time you arrive at a new one! can't wait for pics....

  5. Me, too! I want pics, when you can...I am thinking of Jentel for the summer, so all info helps...
    (Fullbright thingy was slightly delayed by fire & aftermath, but on its way soon).


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