Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Special delivery

I have computer eyes from too much exposure. I spent the morning at the library, locked in the microfiche room, trying to hack out a revision of my proposal. I got about halfway through and then panicked. And then got very hungry. So I ran home to make lots of lunch and cookies. I'm still torn about the edits. I just need to do them and stop tearing myself up with self-doubt. On the upside, I realized the other day that happiness is living next door to a gorgeous public library. Look here for more gorgeous libraries. (via Rag & Bone)

I came home to the best treat: a CD of over 100 Mexico photos from Rebecca!! Both of these are ones that she took. She did lots of photography and drawing and visual art before she went into dance and performance. Obviously, we talked about Eleanor Antin, but even w/o the boots reference, I love these images. [I had dried some paper on my boot, I think after she took this picture.] She cracks me up. And more good news: she'll be in NY in late Nov/early Dec! I'm SO happy about the lineup: Breda first, then Rebecca, and then Elizabeth! 2007 will go out w/a bang.


  1. I love the first photo! It actually reminds me of Wegman, but instead of a dog, it's a person (who is put in to a human context!)

    WoooHooooo! for visits!!

  2. wow, l want those photos too!
    she was at home and took ALL the photos l made....
    Hola Aimee!!!!!!!!!!!


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